In this unregulated world of CBD, many of our customers crave information related to the price and quality of CBD they are purchasing.  We did some research for you using popular CBD brands and have some tips on red flags to look for when purchasing CBD and how to compare CBD prices to ensure you’re not paying too much for CBD.

To start with: everyone wants the best value, but it’s important to be extremely careful to ensure that you’re getting what you expect, and what you pay for.  Once you’ve identified a trustworthy source for CBD, you can examine pricing.

Red flags when buying CBD Oil:

Amazon…we talk to lots of people who have tried CBD Oil purchased on  While Amazon can be a great place to conveniently buy nearly everything, they do not allow the sale of CBD Oil so the products purchased there do not contain any CBD.  They’re often sold as hemp oil or something similar and will not provide you with the same benefits that actual CBD Oil will.

Lots of products claim to be both Full Spectrum AND have NO THC.  This is not possible.  Full Spectrum CBD oil will always contain a trace amount of THC.  Broad spectrum CBD Oil often times has a non-detectable amount of THC and isolate-based CBD Oils can contain 0.0% THC.

Any claim that CBD oil will cure something or help you with something else is also a red flag.  While we’re passionate about how CBD can help overcome or alleviate a number of different ailments, there simply isn’t enough data available to make any medical claims regarding what CBD can do….this is both an ethical and a legal issue.

COA’s.  What are these anyhow?  A COA is a Certificate of Analysis.  This is testing that is done to ensure that products contain the correct amounts of CBD and that they are safe for use.  Green Owl Wellness tests all of our Wisconsin grown hemp for heavy metals and pesticides and we test each batch of CBD to ensure it has the proper potency and THC level.  You can access the test results right on our product pages.  Whether you’re buying CBD online or in a retail store – you should ALWAYS look at the COA.  While you still have to trust the company providing it, it’s a great first step to ensure that you are getting what you think you are getting.

Pricing – how do you compare your options?

A lot of people we talk to already use another brand of CBD and ask us “is yours more, or less expensive than xxx brand?”  The answer is not always that simple: we sell 3 strengths of CBD tinctures – all in 1oz bottles.  However, not every company sells the same strengths or sized bottles.  We’ve seen them anywhere from 100mg, to 750mg, 1500mg, 2500mg, and everywhere in between.  Bottles most often come in 1 or 2oz sizes.

The easiest way to determine what you’re paying is to reduce it to price per milligram of CBD.  The formula is simple (admittedly, I still use a calculator) – take the price you’re paying and divide that by the mg’s of CBD.  This makes the bottle size irrelevant and accounts for the various strengths available.

So. . . if you’re paying $60 for a 1000mg bottle the equation is 60/1000 = .06.  You’re paying $.06 (6 cents) per mg of CBD.

Here’s a list of what we charge for CBD:

500mg: $39.95 (8 cents per mg of CBD)

1000mg: $59.95 (6 cents per mg of CBD)

3000mg: $119.95 (4 cents per mg of CBD)

Remember, in order to make an apples to apples comparison you should be comparing full spectrum oil to another full spectrum oil.

We shopped around some brands sold at Madison retail stores, Wisconsin brands, as well as some reputable national brands to find out what a typical price for CBD Oil is – here’s what we found:

Higher strength bottles of Full Spectrum CBD

Green Owl Wellness (3000mg): $119.95 (4 cents per mg of CBD)

Locally sold brand 1 (3000mg): $188.99 (6.3 cents per mg of CBD)

Locally sold brand 2 (2000mg): $149 (7.4 cents per mg of CBD)

Locally sold brand 3 (1500mg): $99.95 (6.6 cents per mg of CBD)

Medium strength bottles of Full Spectrum CBD

Green Owl Wellness (1000mg): $59.95 (6 cents per mg of CBD)

Locally sold brand 1 (750mg): $71.99 (9.6 cents per mg of CBD)

Locally sold brand 2 (1000mg): $99.00 (9.9 cents per mg of CBD)

Locally sold brand 3 (1000mg): $74.95 (7.5 cents per mg of CBD)

Remember, finding a trustworthy source is critical!  Green Owl Wellness works hard to earn the trust of our customers.  We are meticulous about our formulations and testing so each bottle of CBD Oil we sell contains as much CBD as we claim.  We do this by paying close attention to the details, using best-in-class CO2 extraction equipment, and openly providing test results for each batch of CBD that we make.

We also recognize that our customers want a great price.  Our prices are hard to beat and nobody creates a better product than we do so you’re getting the best of both worlds.

We do all this in Wisconsin using Wisconsin grown hemp, peppermint, and cranberries.  We couldn’t be prouder to be able to support Wisconsin farmers while offering a high quality product.

If you have any questions about CBD oil, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.  We’re here to help!

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