Why Choose Owl?

We proudly source our products from the great State of Wisconsin. We've partnered with Wisconsin farmers to grow hemp to make our CBD products. We are excited to be bringing a hemp industry back to the state.

Proud to be based in Wisconsin

Before the prohibition of hemp, Wisconsin was a global leader in the production of high quality hemp and hemp products.  In fact, in 1920, Wisconsin was the largest producer of hemp in the nation, growing more acres of hemp than all other states combined.  After the passage of the Controlled Substances Act in 1970, it became illegal to grow hemp in Wisconsin, and the industry disappeared.  Fast-forward to today:  Hemp is making a comeback in the State, with the passage of Act 100 in 2017 which established the Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program.  The OWL is on the forefront of that comeback.

Perfect conditions for Quality.

The soil, climate, and overall growing conditions in Wisconsin are perfect for producing high quality hemp and hemp products.  With Wisconsin’s strong history in hemp and agricultural acumen, we have every reason to believe that Wisconsin will again become a leader in the hemp industry.

Committed to Quality & Wisconsin.

At the OWL, we’re committed to Wisconsin.  And, we use only the finest ingredients, process, and equipment to create revolutionary products that will help people feel better and live a healthier lifestyle.

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