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Wholesale CBD For Sale

Good things can come in big packages too… and that’s certainly the case for us. Green Owl Wellness offers wholesale CBD products to stores, salons, and other places of business.

Why buy CBD oil wholesale?

Buying CBD wholesale allows you to reduce your overhead and offer your customers a better price, all without negatively affecting your profits. Offering the most competitive prices in town lets you attract more customers, sell more CBD products, and gain the competitive edge you need for your store to thrive.

Why choose Green Owl Wellness for Wholesale CBD?

Green Owl Wellness is a family-owned and operated CBD wholesaler based in south-central Wisconsin that was founded after four friends realized they had all experienced similar benefits from using CBD. We are proud to source our products from Wisconsin, which has the ideal soil, climate, and overall growing conditions for hemp. Wisconsin has a long history of producing hemp products, so we work with Wisconsin hemp farmers who know how to grow consistent crops of high-quality hemp. This means we can keep a steady supply and a large quantity of the best CBD products on hand.

Buying wholesale CBD from Green Owl Wellness is fast and easy

Green Owl Wellness makes buying wholesale CBD oil to offer at your store, salon, or place of business easy and convenient – simply fill out our online form to chat with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members. We’re happy to help you through the steps of placing your wholesale CBD oil order. We make the CBD wholesaling process quick and painless, and you’ll have the products on your shelves in no time.

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