Do you struggle to fall asleep at night? When you do fall asleep and wake up do you feel more tired than when you went to bed? Sleep disorders affect millions of people. They cause you to perform poorly at work and school, and can put you in danger during your morning commute. Lack of sleep makes you feel cranky, short-tempered, and edgy which can cause problems in your work and personal relationships. You probably abstain from taking prescription pharmaceutical medications because you are afraid of addiction or of feeling overly groggy in the morning.

You do have a natural option! CBD is safe and effective to treat insomnia, and other sleep-related disorders.

CBD as a Sleep-Aid

For centuries, holistic practitioners have used cannabis to promote restfulness. In 1843, researchers studied the benefits of hemp to help sleep disorders. German researchers found that it promoted a very natural sleep that left the user feeling rejuvenated in the morning, not drowsy.

Using CBD to Sleep

In low doses, CBD is a stimulant, but in high doses, it can make you sleepy.  Studies have shown that 160 mg of CBD helps you sleep more soundly and longer. High dose CBD appears to help you fall asleep and achieve a great length of uninterrupted sleep time.

CBD and Your Dreams

Researchers have found that CBD appears to soothe REM behavior disorder (RBD) which causes very intense and violent dreams. These intense dreams often wake the sufferer, who may have a difficult time going back to sleep. CBD eases such behavior.

Pain Prevents Sleep

Many people cope with chronic pain which prevents them from restful sleep. Often, they abstain from prescription opioids because of the risk of addiction. However, CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory that has been reported to reduce pain significantly. It is all natural and non-addictive so can be used whenever needed. Once the pain is alleviated, the sufferer can often gain much-needed sleep.


PTSD causes constant anxiety, nightmares, and insomnia. Many PTSD sufferers are turning to CBD to ease their anxiety, and to help them sleep. Traditionally, many PTSD patients have used a combination of THC and CBD to relieve their symptoms. However, many do not like the euphoric effects of THC and have found that hemp-derived CBD with less than .3 percent THC is the best option to relax and sleep.

How to Promote Sleep

If you struggle with sleep disorders, give CBD a try!  Also, consider the following suggestions to help you obtain a truly restful, rejuvenating sleep:

  • Invest in a comfortable bed
  • Reduce outside light
  • Maintain a comfortable room temperature
  • Eliminate noise (perhaps turn to white noise therapy)
  • Maintain a rigid sleep routine
  • Avoid over-stimulation by turning off the television
  • Do not use your phone, tablet, or laptop in bed
  • Exercise daily

At Green Owl Wellness, we firmly believe in the benefits of CBD, and we use it ourselves to help us sleep! If you would like to learn more about our CBD products to help you sleep, please get in touch!