Greetings from Green Owl Wellness, Wisconsin’s finest CBD manufacturer!  The turning of seasons has also marked a very special landmark for our business and for you, our treasured clientele.  We have fired up our production line and extracted our first round of CBD oil for market! This milestone has been a long time coming for our small family and we couldn’t be more excited.

More important than rolling out our product is the reality that we will be able to make good on our dream of providing a amazing Wisconsin CBD, a natural choice for healing and wellness from our family to yours.  From the beginning, we have been committed to creating a product that meets the high standards that we demand for our own families. We are so excited for you to join this journey with us!

We want you to get to know us:  Our story holds identity with most Midwesterners. Humble roots with a connection to the land, hard work and all things Wisconsin sports on the weekends. Nick grew up in Northeastern Wisconsin and became a home builder. Happy to be using his hands to make a living and put in the long days to double as the production manager for Green Owl Wellness. Nick’s wife, Jess, grew up on the other side of Wisconsin in La Crosse.  She too is no stranger to a long days’ work; she is currently practicing law at a Milwaukee-based firm. She will be handling any regulatory matters for the business. It’s always nice to have a lawyer on the team!

Lucas is the quintessential farm kid that grew up in Northeastern Wisconsin and moved to the city. He still carries a strong sense of connection to the land that helps steer the company towards proper sourcing that utilizes sustainable farming practices. Lucas has a background in sales, and will head sales and marketing efforts for the Owl.  Monica, the better half of Lucas, grew up a family friend of Jess’s and connected the four of them together to create years of friendship and ultimately this venture. She is currently the VP of corporate ticket sales for a local sports team and will join Lucas on the sales and marketing team. All four partners enjoy time at sporting events, backyard BBQs with their children (when Wisconsin weather cooperates), and hunkering down for some family games (when it doesn’t).

We are not corporate and will not cut corners to make a quick buck. Our midwestern roots anchor us with principals of hard work and dedication to the mission of creating the very best Wisconsin CBD. Our personal struggles with insomnia, anxiety and localized pain have drawn us to the benefits of CBD products and led us to this market opportunity. Knowing where the product is sourced and how it is produced is instrumental to our family and our reasons for launching Green Owl Wellness. We welcome you along for the ride and hope the benefits we have experienced resonate with you and your family.

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That’s our story—we would love to hear yours!  Send your experiences with Green Owl CBD products to